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Monday, April 8, 2013


My day began by  walking my 5+miles early this AM in the hilly neighborhood that Helen lives in.  I have a huge bruise on my hip where the weights banged against it after I lowered the shoulder straps.  Then the day really took off:

I had a sweet new friend call me this morning to catch up.  I loved talking with them--sad that I will not have more time to get to know them better since I will be leaving soon.  I found myself weepy after that---grieving leaving my sweet friends and Ruston.  I am down to one more interim trip to FW--and then my permanent move.

I handled my grief--in my normal fashion---I became a spinning top.  Today my spinning top became hazardous to my health.  The first incident was when Helen & I were cleaning out Dales' workshop and I dropped a chest we were moving on my POOR TOE.  Poor Toe---there is only 1/2 of a toenail there currently---fortunately I did NOT drop in on Poor Toe II---there is only about 1/4 toenail on that toe-----Hazard of running---POOR TOES!  I will spare you the picture of my Poor Toe!


I closed my finger in a piece of hinged lumber that Helen wanted thrown away as I took it to the street.  Thankfully it is not my painting hand--since God had me paint a bathroom to ONCE AGAIN show me who the boss is!  Fortunately I suffered no more injuries while painting---but I need to go dive between the covers and not tempt fate any further today!

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