After my early AM fast walk, I asked my friend, Helen, "What can I do for you this morning?"  She thought for about 5 seconds, and told me that she had a bed that needed annuals planted in.  GREAT---I am OFF and running---planting the flowers lead to weeding the bed which lead to picking up all the sticks off the deck which lead to blowing off the deck and pool patios.  AS I WAS LABORING AWAY---Helen looks at me and says, "I get a putty knife and clean out between all the boards on my LARGE wooden deck."  I looked at her and said, "I WILL NOT be needing the putty knife because I DO NOT DO CRACKS!"

As I was prone on the floor in the SECOND bathroom that God has given me the opportunity to be blessed by painting this afternoon, I remembered---I painted those two bathrooms AFTER announcing, "I DON'T PAINT BATHROOMS"


SO GOD---I WILL clean out between the cracks with a putty knife---but PLEASE do NOT send TWO friends that want this done to their entire deck---I can learn the lesson with only the one--I PROMISE!

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