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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was born VERY picky when it comes to food---got over it--will pretty much try anything now---but as a child---I ate hardly anything.  Momma had a rule---you eat what is placed before you--or you DON'T eat!  I was VERY stubborn---sat and looked at my plates for hours---not eating.

When #1 came along--he proved to be MORE picky than I am---still is.  I did not forget a childhood of being hungry a lot---due to my own stubbornness---SO I changed the rule---if you don't eat what I have prepared--then you may make yourself a sandwich----he grew up on peanut butter .

Now the third generation of picky  has come alone----enter KING HENRY---his mother runs down every item there is in the house and allows him to make the choice-

There seems to be a softening trend going on here---the next generation will just go on line and order what their little heart desires.  Not sure this is a good thing!

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