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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am training with "BB" on my back these days----Elisha guessed right----"BIG BERTHA"---she has received a year's free subscription for this blog---ALL THE REST OF YOU---YOUR CHECKS ARE EXPECTED!  ALSO for those of you that guessed something to do with my anatomy----SHAME SHAME SHAME!  ANYWAY---back on course---this pack with only 25 pounds in it takes a LOT of getting used to.  ALL of the weight is carried on your hips---which in case you did not know are connected to your thighs--which are connected to your knees--which are connected to your ankles--which are connect ---WELL you see the picture.  SO currently I am suffering from sore knees, a sore hip, a sore ankle on the other side where Henry fell on it while on the trampoline (OBVIOUSLY I have NO sense).

I am THANKFUL for drugs---STRONG anti-inflammatory---prescription strength drugs today---After a walking with BB Sunday---I tried again yesterday but did not make it as far----the pain never left me.  Most of the time after I get warmed up--it stops hurting--NOT yesterday--SO resorted to drugs today!

When planning a trip like this--you must be SUPER careful of what you take--always conscious of the weight of EVERYTHING that goes in that pack.  Every ounce is an ounce you are going to be carrying for MILES--in the altitude--up the mountains--  I became a little concerned last night when I started thinking about the drugs I might need to take along to make the trip doable---just not quite sure how that is going to work!

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