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Saturday, April 20, 2013


All 5 of my sweet grands are here in Fort Worth with me today.  Tomorrow is #3's 4th birthday--so we had a little family time and celebration today.  When I look at this picture--I am amazed at how different they are---and yet in some ways so alike.  LOVE my sweet boys!

This morning early---for some reason I started telling #1 & #2 how to do a head stand.  I spent a lot of time carefully explaining the technique and they finally got it.  I told them how their dad used to walk all over the house at their age on his hands.  One thing lead to another and #1 son finally showed them how he could still stand on his head.

Wave the RED FLAG ---I then gave them a demonstration of how Lulu could still stand on her head.  I was quite proud of myself when I slowly raised my legs into a straight line above me----WE WILL NOT discuss the pain in my shoulder and neck or the heap I fell into--instead of a graceful dropping back to the floor.  REALLY I'M FINE---BUT DO NOT EXPECT ANY ENCORES!  Just remember though--if you doubt it---I have witnesses!

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