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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today is Henry's 4th birthday----BIG PLANS---for the family and day----BIG PLANS FOILED---Dr Daddy has the stomach virus.    HOW MANY TIMES must I tell that SIL--take off those nasty clothes IN the garage before coming in the door and go take a shower before touching ANYONE!  He drags home every conceivable malady from the ER when he works a shift---THAT IS A LOT OF GERMS!  SO today he has the stomach virus---GUESS what that means---it will make the rounds of the family---YOU CANNOT WASH YOUR HANDS ENOUGH!  Make NO mistake---love that man--he is an awesome husband and daddy---BUT he does NOT listen to his all wise MIL!

We had the party--it was great--Henry is 4---AND I have done NO headstands today---a couple of eye rolls--but no other acrobatics!

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