During my "white knuckle" trip to Fort Worth today, I received a cell phone call from Mrs. Margaret--my land lady.  "Where have you been?" was her first question.  Mrs. Margaret has missed me!  She must have forgotten that I explained I would be in Ruston most of the time until school was over---it's excusable--SHE IS 92!  QUITE the character---she has a management company to handle her property--but likes to be HANDS ON--when it comes to communicating!  I can't tell you what a delight it is to talk to her ---she is turn of the last century polite and formal but seems to enjoy my conversations with her.  Perhaps it has something to do with Southern manners---since she is a Yankee transplant.  The neighbor that Nancy got all the low down from indicated that she and the other neighbor didn't like Mrs. Margaret.  You've just got to take her for who she is and enjoy the difference.

MEANWHILE---I was FULLY expecting Whipper Snapper to have balloons out welcoming me home--maybe even a BIG HUG when he heard me drive up.  WELL--I was disappointed---BUT he just probably wasn't aware that I was slipping back into town!

To make my day----when I arrived at The Jennings Abode---the big boys are THRILLED to see me---it just thrills my soul to see their glee when I walk in that door.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am on the trampoline with them very soon after arriving.  I am icing the new set of bruises!  We just ALL want to be loved and for someone to be happy to see us!

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