SOMEHOW today---I managed to fall off my work, walk, run until you drop wagon and fell into the slough of sloth.  Helen and I sat and watched Hallmark movies all afternoon---with a slight intermission to clean the pool and sit on the back patio while I grilled lamb.  YOU KNOW--the movies where everyone lives happily ever after--the man sweeps the girl off her feet--they are dancing in the moonlight---on the beach---with the palms blowing--and the waves gently caressing the sand--while they lovingly gaze into each others' eyes.

THEN as if that were NOT enough----Helen turns on slow country music---about a man and his woman---love you till I die---hold you close in my dreams---you're the one for me--achingly beautiful while I finish up preparing dinner.  

THIS IS EXACTLY what anyone alone needs to do with their afternoon--a not so gentle reminder that you are dancing alone--for an encore--I will be banging my head against a brick wall--JUST IN CASE--I didn't experience enough pain this afternoon!

As my friend---Glenda asked when I went to a chick flick---"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!" This is NOT the way to become accustomed to being alone!  

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  1. Bleh. Rom coms are the worst kind of lies. No allusions to the amount of work and heartbreak required for a healthy relationship. I honestly think chick flicks are one of the worst things about our culture. They set us up to believe our lives should match some perfect ideal. :( Needing to focus on God's truth instead! Not what culture tells me! Love you!



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