I went for a 4 + mile walk at the Lincoln Parish Park today with my backpack--after the news of the Marathon tragedy was reported.  As I was walking and praying---God spoke to me about a prayer request that I had been given by a loved one----he told me-- tell them to not react from a spirit of fear--but trust me.

As I collected my aching hip up and started home--I was reflecting upon what God had put on my heart.  After the news of the tragedy in Boston---most of the marathon runners probably reacted with "I am finished"---I don't want to risk tragedy for the sake of running a marathon----BUT that is a reaction based upon fear.  We cannot live our lives based upon the fear of what might happen.  God is our protector and we cannot spend  our lives in fear of what might happen.

Here is what I have learned--when the worst does happen---HE will be our provision---we have to live our lives not in the Spirit of Fear--which comes from the Evil One---but in the Spirit of Courage--which God through His Holy Spirit empowers us with.

It is tragic and sad beyond words--what happened today in Boston---but don't live your life under the cloud of what might happen---the enemy wins if you do---but instead continue forward confident in the knowledge--that come what may---He is by your side--every step of the way.

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