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Sunday, April 14, 2013


My life has managed to convince me that I am not up to the world standards when it comes to looks.  There is no point in telling you the story behind the reasons I believe this---but all of us women probably struggle with this.  We are bombarded on all sides with what "The World" would have us believe is beauty.  It is an impossible task for most of us to ever reach that pinnacle that we are told is "The Standard"---hard as we try--whatever we try---it is an impossible mark.

Here is what I want you to know---and I will confess that I have not convinced myself of this yet--but I am trying-----"Beauty" is in the eyes of the beholder---and if the beholder is one that truly loves you---YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  They are not comparing you to anyone else--they are loving you and cherishing YOUR beauty.  We are all individuals---God created us all uniquely---and we are all beautiful in His eyes---Our Creator!

SO the next time you are dismayed about your looks--remember and remind yourself---God thinks you are beautiful---more beautiful than the most precious gem--
and HE loves you and looks at you with those eyes that see you through love.  You are His precious beloved---

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