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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today I called a few of my "Go To" Blessing Buddies " so that we could work together to "Bless A Friend".  We tried to do it incognito--but she caught us!  That's OK---I think God revealed our Blessing--so we could all see her reaction.  It is always a blessing for God to use you.

Before we were caught in the act though, the others were giving me a hard time---"Not going to answer the phone anymore when we see it is you!  Always means work!".  But it was all in good fun and we had a great time laboring together.  We worked most of the morning-cleaning her yard--and then had a late lunch together.  What a great and fun time we all had together--working to serve another.

I've spent the late afternoon here alone thinking-"Who is going to play with me in Fort Worth?"  Love to serve others---love for Him to use me---How am I going to find servant partners? 

I have had GREAT partners here in Ruston from small group to school ministry--there is always someone to call--who is willing to serve.  I know God will use me---I have to trust Him--it's just daunting!

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