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Saturday, May 11, 2013


The BANE OF WOMAN---SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME----SNAKES----LADIES---LADIES---MOST of them are more afraid of you than you are of them!!!---I PROMISE!!!  Helen came running in last week---"THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE YARD!!!!"  Turns out it is a harmless Garter snake---THEY EAT THE VARMINTS you do NOT want in your yard!  She informs me----I will not be going back outside again this year until the snakes are gone.  Had to peel her off the ceiling---talk and talk--she seems to forget---UNTIL--the next day when the same snake is back--the fact that I am certain he is after the moles that have invaded her yard has gone in one ear and out the other.  She wanted me to kill it--I refused.  NOW as you all know--HAD IT BEEN A DILLO!--or a poisonous snake---would not hesitate to get the hoe.  I was raised with two brothers--IF I had shown any fear of a snake---I would have had one in my bed that very night!  

Put BB on my back and hiked 6 miles on the hills of the service roads today---did NOT see any snakes--BUT had an interesting occurrence.  As I was walking up Reynolds Drive--I saw a truck which looked like it was parked in a peculiar place and this guy came around the back of it--with a cell phone in his ear.  As I got closer, he stopped me and said, "Ma'am do you have a cell phone I could use?"  Thought I just saw him with a cell phone--but being the wonderful person that I am---I let him use my cell phone.  As he calls someone I start looking around and he has taken out numerous plants and trees are up-rooted and in the middle of the road---the truck is wedged in a position that I don't know HOW they could pry out.  He is telling someone on the other end of the phone--"Come get me NOW---before the cops get here--I've totaled my truck!!!"  He hands my phone back---and starts yelling the most offensive word I know---I start trekking up the road and a few yards away--call the police---"They turned the corner as I topped the hill"  His BIG mistake---the obvious fact that he had not recovered from last night's party---he HAD to have been going really fast to do the damage he did AND what if I had not stopped and gotten water---I could have been directly in his path with 25 #s on my back and unable to run---AND the big ugly word he was screaming.  I did pray after my call that God would use this incident as a wake up call for him.  THE THRILLS OF TREKKING!!

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