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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I went to my brother Noel's lake house last night and had dinner with him, his sweet daughters (including a boyfriend), and brother Robbie & his wife Laurie---time to say Good Bye to my precious family.  It will be such a huge change to not have them a few minutes away.  I will miss them and the comfort of knowing we are all in close proximity greatly!  

As I drove to the lake with Robbie & Laurie--we made a quick stop before going to Noel's to view a HUGE Eagle's nest that has a couple of fledglings in it.  WHAT a sight!  I don't think I had ever seen an eagle's nest-certainly not that close before--just across the inlet.

Noel's lake house was just at the opening of the same inlet---so during the evening we enjoyed the sight of the eagles flying back to the nest after fishing for their supper.  WHAT a MAJESTIC and beautiful sight!  A reminder to me of the wonder of God's creation and the complex design of nature all around us.  The lone eagle--flying back to feed and tend her babies-----what a beautiful picture of God's gift of motherhood--and the joy of nurturing-loving-raising our children and then releasing them to let them fly.


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