I went to lunch with a couple of friends today.  LONG story---we decided that we would go bless someone in a section of town that is on the low end of the economic scale.  I have a friend that is courageous in sharing as God directs her and it is fun to participate with her blessing others.  So we drove around the area until she spotted the person to bless and then stopped very briefly for the blessing shower.

It hit me about 15 minutes later as we drove around what we must have looked like----3 women--obviously out of the area that we live in---slowly driving up and down the street waiting for God's direction.  I started laughing---finally got out what I was laughing about---they started giggling--it went from there to hysterics as we voiced what we must have looked like and the comments that must have been made as we passed by.

Blessing someone else----laughing until we hurt----DOUBLE BLESSING!!!

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