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Sunday, May 5, 2013


If you know me well--if you've EVER had one of my calls---or be cornered by me---you KNOW I have my persuasive methods when it comes to coherision-----NOT above ANY methods available to me including this AM---

Text Body-----___________ GET UP and get dressed-you need to come to church---and have lunch with us after---I will ONLY be here ONE more Sunday after today---time is running out!

SCORE!!!!!--Worked they showed up and we had lunch!

I just got groans Friday night as we painted when I mentioned some yard work that needs doing for a friend----NOT finished with that "Guilt Trip" yet---

SO--I am NOT above playing the "Guilt Card"---YOU ARE ALL GOING TO MISS ME---who's going to be around to tug at your strings when I am gone????

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