God used Mona---He gave her a friend---that she worked with and shared an office with over 20 years ago---who then moved north from Ruston for 4 years--and then to Weatherford (suburb of Fort Worth & where Adam's parents live)---KNOWING that I would need a Godly new friend when I moved to Fort Worth all these years later.  It was an intricate---well orchestrated plan---when Mona & Anita were office mates---I didn't even know Mona---AND YET---He knew---what was ahead---He put it all together----LONG before ---for God is timeless---but at the same time---knows our time lines---and every need we will EVER have!  "I KNOW the plans I have for you!"  Jeremiah 29: 11-13---I have hope and He has my future planned!

So my new friend---grew up in Homer---lived in Ruston where we share many mutual friends--but I never knew her---moved to the frozen north and settled in Weatherford----a Louisiana girl---that became a Texan---and my new friend.  LOVE how God works!

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