Thank you to all the brave men and women who have so selflessly served our great country so that we might all enjoy the wonderful freedoms that came with such a high price----this post comes from here

A Fairy Tale---from long ago--


I have a box of Momma's things---a lifetime of memories condensed down to a box. One of the sweet-sweet things inside was a letter from Daddy to Momma during World War II. Lest we forget the HUGE sacrifice made by so many including Daddy so that we would be free today--I decided to share the text of the letter with you today--Memorial Day--

"Dear Louise,

Happy Birthday!!!

Despite the fact that I am planning this long in advance and anything can happen-I do so much want you to know that where ever I am or whatever I am doing I will stop and say to myself, 'Happy Birthday to you my Dearest Wife'.

It is funny the way I thought of this I sang 'You Are the One Rose' to myself all day and so came the idea-yes, indeed-you are 'The Only Rose' if I may revise the title a bit.

You know we have been separated a long time but to me we are not three years older but three years wiser. I can truthfully say we will take up exactly where we left off three years ago. To me the old proverb 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' is exactly true.

Again let me say 'Happy Birthday To My Dear Wife' and remind her that I love and miss her more and more each day.

All My Love,

I treasure this letter, but my message to you today is a reminder of the many men and women in uniform away from loved ones insuring our freedom. Thank them each and everyone.

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