My mother's aunt----Aunt Lora---for whom I am named--lived in Fort Worth for most of her adult life--until she left this earth--I have fond memories of childhood years spent visiting Aunt Lora and Uncle Joe.  They are precious and sweet memories---I went exploring today--looking for their home.  Not far off Camp Bowie Blvd.---as I traveled that boulevard---my senses were heightened and my heart swelled as my memories were triggered.  Memories of a sweet and innocent time in my life---before any pain- before the Fallen World began to crush down upon me.  I found their street---and found their house number--but what I remember--it is no more.  Life has moved forward and it does not look the same--the house has been changed---the yard is not as large as I remember---the streets are not as wide---but the trees--they have grown.  A beautiful old neighborhood Ridglea Hills---which borders the Ridglea Country Club---as with many older neighborhoods---some houses are restored--and some are in disrepair.  Life has moved forward.

So---what did I learn---besides that I should follow my directions that I have written down and NOT decide I might can take a short cut ---after all---what was my hurry---slightly lost ---but got back on track after surprisingly coming upon Camp Bowie---quite by accident.  There is certainly nothing wrong with our memories---God gave us a mind that can retain memories for a reason---they are a vital part of who we are---they shape who we have become---they help determine who we will be.  So there is a time for looking back--reflecting---but the important thing I must remember is to not get stuck with my head looking over my shoulder.  As I am hiking ---I occasionally look over my shoulder to check the traffic and my surroundings---but if I don't keep my eyes to the front--I will soon stumble and fall---looking at where I have been--instead of where I am going and what is up ahead.  His path is in front of me----where I have been will help me as I traverse the new path that is coming---but unless I keep my eyes forward ---I may miss what He has planned for me----the Road Filled with His Glory!

Genesis 19:26

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