Reality has NOT sunk in yet---TOO BUSY  helping with the Three Musketeers!  Started my day with a walk---sans BB---WHY NO BB YOU ASK?----because I then went with Camille to Body Pump ----an hour of weight lifting.  THEN chasing the 3 little ones for the rest of the day.    

Last night proved interesting---Whipper Snapper---YOU DO REMEMBER HIM----decided to sit on his front porch and have a conversation with a female friend--loudly--directly below my bedroom----AT 3:00 AM!!!!  I have him trained already to take his own garbage out---NOW---for this!

One of my first official "I live in Fort Worth" actions---I joined the Y today.  You can go to any Y in the area....WONDERFUL facilities AND LOW cost---WIN    WIN!!!  A DEFINITE Perk of living in the CITY!

Also ventured a little further on my walk this morning---I have GOT to get a city map and figure it all out---was an expert at directions in little Ruston----got a LOT to learn about Fort Worth!

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  1. We joined the Y in Birmingham and it was the best thing we ever did. We have met lots of good friends and spend 3 hours every morning exercising. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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