After church yesterday, I went to Weatherford to spend the day with the entire Jennings crew and their friends, The Keithley's.  A house full of children, parents, and grandparents--WONDERFUL!

While there--Henry and Elliot kept yelling, "Lulu, look at me!!" while jumping in the swimming pool.  We all like for someone to notice us and especially when we are doing something cute, smart, sweet,--you get the picture when we are proud of our actions----HEY WORLD---LOOK AT ME---I'm reading to a struggling child---What ever the circumstances---we like for eyes to be upon us when we are doing "Good".  Our desire is for words of love and admiration from someone we respect, admire--love.  We want to be told---GOOD JOB!  That is not unlike how we are with God---when we are living in the manner that He has instructed--we desire for Him to know that and be proud of us.

Contrast this to the times the boys are "Up To Something".  Anytime they are in another room with no adult and it gets quiet----someone is up to NO GOOD!  It's like they instinctively KNOW they are not doing right and want NO attention called to it.  They are sneaking around---doing what they have been told not to---but doing it anyway.  TROUBLE----Are we not like that also---we don't call any attention to ourselves when we are out of God's desired plan for us---we sneak around--try to be secret--because we KNOW we are wrong.

Lessons from the toddlers---We don't really change much as adults from those days as toddlers---Doing the right thing---HEY LOOK AT ME---Don't you LOVE me!  Doing what we know is wrong---sneaking around---don't look at me--I'm wrong--and I know it--but it's what I WANT TO DO!  Some lessons we have to learn over and over---there is a reason He tells us DON'T!  We just seem to be SLOW learners!

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