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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It has been quite a while, since I have regularly felt the joy of having a man excited to see me---wanting to talk to me---grabbing me when I walk in the door---but I am having a steady diet of that joy now.  

Every time I go to The Jennings--the 2 Big Boys---greet me with squeals of delight and shouts of "Lulu"!  Now in all honesty---that often is followed by, "What did you bring me?"---but before you TSK---I don't always take them something--and many times it is something as small as a milkshake today.  You would think I brought them the moon.

Most of my babysitting has been with baby-Collin---but when "The Parents" went out to a dinner for the new residents---I kept the 2 big boys.  SUCH FUN!  We got all the laundry baskets and made a train---we played with cars & trucks---we colored and used the new dry erase board---they played in the bath for an hour--ALL they want is my attention--that is SO easy!

At bedtime--we began the age old struggle of trying to get them to stay put and HUSH!  I am sure I have told you before that Camille has a wooden spoon in every room of her house--but NONE of them are for cooking.  After going into their room for about the tenth time, I told them I was going to "Get the spoon and discipline them!" if they didn't quieten down and go to sleep.

Five minutes later I am back in their room.  Elliot looks at me and said, "Did you bring the poon, YuYu?"  HOW can you keep a straight face and be a parent is beyond me!  At 2, Elliot has some letters he cannot pronounce yet---"I'm donna dit u!" Yuyu---the list goes on--he's SUCH a little Cutey!  I will so miss this sweet little voice when he gets bigger--BUT I have another one following behind him---so NO NEED TO worry--we have a ways to go.

NO--there is just nothing like cuddling, hugging and kissing with a sweet man---even if he is a "Little Man"!

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