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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My My My---the GREAT state of Texas---has been a slight disappointment today---well for  that much--so has our GREAT nation!  Spent the ENTIRE day--after my hike with BB--trying to get my driver's license---HUMM---TURNED INTO A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME--AND I AM PULLING OUT WHAT LITTLE HAIR I HAVE!!!

It turns out that Texas would LOVE to put a Texas license plate on your vehicle---that's another subject--I don't have a place to put my license plate on the front of my car--so would anyone out there be willing to ride on my hood and hold it for me?  NO---well there is ALWAYS duct tape!  ANYWAY--prove you have some insurance---and have a VIN # and give them $190 and they will GLADLY give you not one but TWO plates for said vehicle.  The most difficult part of that transition was finding a parking place downtown.

It turns out that they DON'T want just any Tom, Dick & Harry to have a driver's license!  My first trip to the DMV with new car registration, Louisiana license in hand, and proof of insurance was slightly frustrating---but I was determined to persevere.  All I needed was my a utility bill to prove I live in Texas (HEY I HAVE A VEHICLE WITH A TEXAS LICENSE PLATE), my passport to prove that I was born since my birth certificate is in Louisiana (looked in the mirror---it's me--pretty sure I wasn't dropped here by some Alien ship---MUST have been born-), and my social security card which I have not seen in about 40 years (anyway the one I lost was in my maiden name).  The social security administration SO FAR has been glad to take all those taxes I have paid in and to DATE have not provided one benefit---BUT they need that card.

They send me to the Social Security Administration Office--3 hours later---after a study in the limit of patience based upon gender, race, and nationality (paper coming)--I walk away with a letter stating they will send me a card--in 2-3 weeks.

I go BACK to the DMV----WITH MY LOUISIANA DRIVER'S LICENSE IN MY HAND---I AM GOOD ENOUGH TO DRIVE AS A LICENSED DRIVER IN LOUISIANA---AND EVEN HAVE A PHOTO ON MY LICENSE THAT LOOKS A GREAT DEAL LIKE ME----BUT OH NO---NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  NOW they want me to bring in a W-2 or 1099 from 2012 showing I did indeed have a social security # and income that was reported (good thing I am working) AND a passport that has not expired (it's in Louisiana too)----(the fact that I have a passport---even expired--with MY PICTURE in it---seems to NOT prove that I was born.

SO I AM AT HOME---UNDER THE BED---CRYING---Momma must have been wrong---she didn't really birth me---they will not give me a Texas Driver's License SO there's the proof---I just appeared!  If you wonder why we have so many illegals here---I think I have discovered why--it's MUCH easier to just fly under the radar-than do what it right!

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