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Thursday, June 20, 2013


When dealing with those that are afflicted with OCD---you should NEVER NEVER NEVER invite them to participate in some activity that could become a challenge---lead to day to day participation--perhaps be construed as competitive--even if competing only with self.  THEY CANNOT STEP AWAY!!

Soon after moving here---Camille invited me to go to the YMCA and join her at the "Power Pump" class.  This class consists of 60 minutes of lifting weights to music in a group setting.  You select the amount of weight you use for each body part--but basically after a warm up song using all the body parts--then you do a song for each body part---one for squats, one for lunges, one for chest, one for shoulders, one for back, one for biceps, one for triceps, one for abs---The room is filled with men and women using all different amounts of weight for each song.  After the basic few sessions of "learning the ropes"--you are comfortable enough to start looking around and comparing yourself--this leads to the "Fall From The Wagon".  They only have the class 3 times a week--Camille sanely goes twice---I obsessively go 3 times.  It's addictive---KNOW I am getting stronger---I am adding weight to my workouts----BUT once again I am in full blown OCD mode.  Before you know it ---I will look like this:

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