Today I had lunch here-

with that very view out the window that I sat by---Colonial Country Club of Fort Worth.
Those that know me well are wondering---HOW did SHE get invited there!----WELL---it was by connection---one step away.

I grew up in Farmerville--moved to Ruston 47 years ago---my friend Frances grew up there as well AND moved to Ruston---Frances has a friend that grew up in Ruston-Vici---who is life long friends with Carol--that has lived her entire adult life in Fort Worth--THUS my invitation to lunch at Colonial.  Blessed with friends that care about me!

The wonderful thing about small towns---there was NEVER a lull in the conversation---I have been here long enough and her connections have stayed in Ruston--that she still calls home--that we share LOADS of friends.  We talked business---mine and hers---entertaining her with my house sale story--we talked Fort Worth and LOTS of Ruston. 

Carol with be a valuable Fort Worth friend--for she has a wealth of knowledge about the area---AND when I need a shot of Ruston---she's just a phone call away--in fact lives within walking distance---IF you don't mind a couple of miles!

So another new Fort Worth friend and a LOVELY Friday lunch---what a pleasant way to end my week!

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