I added 5 more pounds to BB's load for this morning's trek--I am up to 30 pounds now.

Five more pounds doesn't sound like much more---until you have walked a few miles--it begins to wear on you.  By the end of the trek---I am grabbing straps and trying to get the pressure off my shoulders---leaning forward---squirming in the pack---just trying to move forward with a HUGE load on my back. I thought I could easily handle it at first--but then step after step began to take its toll.

Reminds me of life----we add to the load we are carrying one burden at a time---we don't notice those small burdens--especially at first--but as we add to the stress we have placed on ourselves--and continue to try to move forward---we begin to slowly bend under the weight---and before you know it---you are wondering if you are going to break before the burden is lifted from you.  

Jesus tells us in Matt 11:30----"His Yoke is easy and his burden is light."  He provides the answer when we are straining to carry life's burdens.  The yoke he places on us--provides the perfect solution ---and with that yoke on---the weight is lifted---because He is then helping us carry our load.

BB is teaching me lessons---lessons from Jesus--He shares my load.

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