While here in Ruston, I am fine-tuning preparations for the BIG hiking trip!  Meeting with the other hikers---going over supply lists, talking about the trails, discussing logistics---LAST trip here before we fly out in 3 weeks! 

Today---4 of the 5 of us---all the girls went to the park for a training hike.  We waited until later in the morning--to ENSURE it would be like a sauna---IT WAS!  THEN the leader of the pack-Sonja---WHO is in the MOST AWESOME shape of us all---decided we would go up the LARGEST hill in the park TO WARM UP!  I was OVER HEATED by the time I had drug my rear all the way up that MOUNTAIN!

SO up and down the hills---over the streams---as close as you can get in North Louisiana to trail hiking we went.  Horseflies nipping at me--sweat pouring down my entire body---with BB dragging me down ever step of the way.

I enjoyed the scenery of their 3 rears most of the hike---ONCE AGAIN--I am the TURTLE---that's OK---I have run, walked, hiked at the back enough to have a PHD in rear ends.  USED to the scenery back there.  They are kind and stop to let me catch up occasionally---but between the SUPREMELY FIT SONJA  and the 2 whipper snappers that are 1/2 my age---I SEEM TO BE THE WEAK LINK!

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