Timeless philosopher, Forrest Gump, when asked about poop, said, "It happens."  AND yes---it does!  While in Austin, #2 twice brought up the subject of dogs and their owners allowing them to poop in your yard or on the trail.  This began the wheels turning---BEWARE---BLOG ABOUT POOP!

Poop does happen---AND occasionally we can step in a big pile of it and get it all over our shoes.  I even heard that it can get "slung" around---I suppose that would get all over everything---and I have even heard others say they are up to their eyeballs in poop.  Some have been known to be "Up Poop Creek without a paddle"  AND still another "The poop is getting deep in here".  ALL rather disgusting!

Here are my words of wisdom concerning this subject----IT WILL WASH OFF-don't like to get it on me or be around it---BUT a little water will go a long way in cleaning up the mess! When #2 was fussing about the dog poop on the trail---I looked down and saw a cigarette butt---that lead to telling him "The dog poop will disappear with rain, but this cigarette butt will be here a LONG TIME."

SO the next time you think that you are in a big pile of poop---just remember--water will wash it away---so things could be worse!  

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