I may live in the big city, but I am always amazed when I see glimpses of Small Town, USA cropping up all around me.  I travel the back roads between my apartment and Camille's house-through several different neighborhoods.  I've noticed this week the signs of the celebration of our great nation's birthday springing up.

If I were not a technical dummy, I could get this picture rotated and it would stay rotated---OH WELL.  It is announcing a neighborhood 4th of July parade and party that is following.  One of the many older neighborhoods within the city, this particular one seems to have lots of patriotic spirit.  There are also little flags lining all the streets.  Warms my heart to see--perhaps we are more similar than different.

Here is the bottom line---I firmly believe that most of us---conservative and liberal--LOVE our great country.  As we celebrate the birthday of this beautiful land today, I pray that we come together as family, who though we are very different, are still united by the legacy of freedom.


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