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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The infamous hiking trip is drawing neigh and I have begun trying to plan my meals.  There are certain things you have to remember when packing for hiking----

1.  EVERY OUNCE will be carried on your back
2.  It must ALL fit into my bear canister (NOT A CANISTER WITH BEAR FOOD--BUT A CANISTER TO KEEP THE BEARS OUT) which appears to be slightly smaller than a gallon tub.

SO that means DELICIOUS dehydrated food---YUMMY---which you will mix with boiling water which you take from the mountain stream--hopefully the filter will filter out all bugs-dirt-debris-and other crunchy edibles.  All the others are taking oatmeal---I do NOT like oatmeal---so I will have to come up with a breakfast substitute.

The others are also bringing along--beef jerky---do NOT like jerky of any kind and what if you break a tooth chewing on that rawhide while days away on the trail.  I am SURE these smarties have not thought about that.

Everyone else is bringing dried fruit---UHHHH--PEOPLE---when you mix 25 dried apricots (or whatever fruit) with a gallon of water that you will need to drink---GUESS WHAT--we are only carrying ONE shovel!

That leaves me with my favorite granola bar---EXCEPT---I have eaten the 100 calorie bars for years--LOVE THEM---BUT I will have to find bars with more calories and grams of protein or I am in trouble in the fuel department.  All those higher calorie bars seems to have the distinct flavor of cardboard.  May have to learn to love cardboard!

I am down with the peanut butter--but not sure I can get it down without bread or at least a cracker---got to think about the room in the canister.

SO---I am just going to fill my canister up with PEANUT M&M's & SNICKERS---protein in the nuts and my favorite-chocolate & caramel---WIN WIN!!!

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