Remember me telling you that I am going to a class at the Y called Power Pump?  WARNING---I am beginning to get strong again---what ever you do -DO NOT MAKE ME MAD  (oh yeah---I don't get mad--forgot)----ANYWAY----I am becoming a MASSIVE BODY BUILDER--------NOT!!

One of the instructors let the secret out of the bag that we do over 800 repetitions during this one hour of FUN!  WHY DID SHE NEED TO TELL ME THAT----I am now singing the OCD Blues while trying to count and pump iron----just can't do both at once especially when I have a bar over my head or chest!  

So I'm hanging in there---3 times a week--pumping iron!  Today once of the nice ladies that I have met asked me had I noticed a difference yet----Did I have things headed back north from the south.  I just laughed and told her---not sure about they were headed north, but do think the free fall has stopped and things have stabilized!

Now here's my dirty secret----I LOVE out lifting some of those young (well truthfully they are ALL younger)hard bodies.   I must admit--most are stronger than me---BUT there are some that I am out doing and have a little smirk on my face when they notice my massive amount of weight (NOT)!  Who said getting old can't be fun!!!

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