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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I SAID that I would not go there--when discussing walking around sans clothes---BUT I started giggling this afternoon about the bare facts and just can not resist sharing---probably a GREAT deal more than you care of know!

Most women that I know--when they are young---are pretty modest---WELL let me back up and say---most women of my generation!  Obviously younger women are not afflicted with these same Victorian mores---based upon what they prefer swimming in.  NOT going there--NOT the purpose of this post!

Then as we grow older and become more comfortable with ourselves--along comes our family.  This leads to a level of inhibition of new heights.  I personally do not care to discuss the difference in anatomy on a personal level with my children--now or ever.

My move to Fort Worth has been very "Liberating".  My apartment is the top floor of a two story house with an entrance downstairs.  I am home alone---most of the time--except for an occasional visit from #1 daughter and grands.  So no one to pop in--without plenty of notice--since I am upstairs.  SO --perhaps--just maybe-this has been a revealing experience!  

It has been  freeing and I am no longer startled when I walk by the full lengthy mirror --wondering whose reflection that is---in fact--I am beginning to recognize just who she is!

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