I often speak of being here alone--but truth is I am not alone.  Everyday upon awakening, the first thing I do is say, "Good Morning".  Every night as my eyes begin to grow heavy with sleep, the last thing I say is, "I love and adore you." All day long there are snippets of conversation between us.  Sometimes short but also lengthy discussions about the events of my life, or those that I love, or problems that I am facing, in fact all the events and concerns of the day are discussed.

God is present---alive and well ---living in my heart---the Holy of Holy's in my body.  At times, He begins the conversation by placing the thought.  I know when He puts these thoughts in me that it is time to talk it over with Him-- To bring before His throne those that He loves or to ask His plan for what is before me--To seek His counsel.

I look forward to being in the mountains--one of His most glorious creations.  He is with me here on the second floor of this almost century old house--day in and day out, but He will take great delight in showing me the home He created in all its beauty and splendor when I am with Him walking through those timeless creations of His.  We will be close---perhaps the closest--for there are no distractions---no world crushing in.  It will be Him and me---at the top of His creation and I will stop and look and listen--knowing He is with me.

Psalm 139: 7-10

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