The hiking crew will be arriving today---time is here for the BIG ADVENTURE!  I am hoping that I have it all together and am ready--if not-plan to tag along anyway.  I can't help but share the trip planner's conversation with the Snowmass Wilderness ranger:

I talked to someone at the Aspen Ranger Station today, and asked several questions about our upcoming trip

Snow: light snow year, trails should be clear

Weather: forecast calls for isolated storms through middle of next week, highs in the low 70's, lows in the upper 30's-low 40's. (COLOR ME HAPPY)

Bears: He said they are out and about! Should not be a big problem, but he recommended hanging food,even in a canister. He said they prefer people to hang food because even though food is safe in a canister, the bears still come investigate the smell and become habituated to people. Should have plenty of places to hang. 

WELL--perhaps I DO need to run buy a LONG rope to hang my bear canister with!  It should be an exciting and fun trip----will give you all the details and pictures when I return.

In the meantime---the blog will be posted everyday while I am gone.  The miracle of cyber posting!  SO just in case you like the read---tune in and be entertained by a blast from the past!  

Just in case a bear eats me, thanks for reading  and know that I was having a great adventure when he enjoyed dinner with me!  

Post Script- ( above was written a few days ago--let my secret out of the bag) I finished the rough draft of my book this weekend.  If the bear does eat me, my family has been instructed to publish it since after death they are ALWAYS best sellers AND with the added drama of death by bear meal---well I should be off the charts!  

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