I went with the 3 little grands to swim at Memaw & Dude's today (other sweet grandparents).  We spent most of the day in their wonderful and beautiful pool.  My 3 little grands are fish!  The baby--only 6 months old--will stay in the water for long periods of time--splashing and watching his brothers play.  The older brothers--well Henry at 4 is totally comfortable and can give Mark Spritz a race for his money.  Elliot at 2 1/2 is just beginning to learn to swim.  He is at the point that many little ones get when he has learned to hold his breath and can kick enough to get from point A to B, BUT is so comfortable that he does not realize his limitations.

Often when he is swimming from A to B we have to yell at him and remind him to KICK--he tends to just get comfortable with being under the water and does not realize the trouble that can come if he does not move forward.  He is just learning and does not have the technique for rolling over and getting a breath, so trouble could come quickly if we did not keep our eyes on him.  He can see our out-stretched arms, but sometimes just sits still in the water-not moving forward to the safety of our arms.

Reminds me of our relationship with our Father.  He is there--He has his arms out for us--He is providing a safe harbor--and yet we sit still in the water--unwilling for some reason to kick or reach out to him.  I suppose we have to be to the point of drowning, before we know we need saving.  Even then---at the last gasp---He will save us--we just need to reach out for Him.     
Psalm 18:16

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