I have been to Academy to finish up my supply list for the BIG Hiking Trip to the mountains---YIPPEE!!  I carefully selected all the necessary equipment and clothing on the list---acting as if I were off to hike the PCT!  I will admit that after training for weeks with BB on my back--I am conscious of EVERY ounce that I am putting in it--only thing I am not scrimping on is the food, BUT the problem there is getting  all I would like to take to eat in the bear canister.

SO anyway---I am down to one item left---and I LOOKED AND LOOKED AND LOOKED---FINALLY I think there is none and head to the front of the store---where there just happens to be a really nice sales associate stocking the items by the register (You know where they put those things that entice your children or you to buy some useless item that looked so promising at the moment)  I think--perhaps she will help me--I could be over-looking it--after all-it is a small BUT IMPORTANT item.  I explain my dilemma---She immediately goes into action-----


Then she walks with me ALL the way to the back of the store---walkie talkie chirping and gets someone else involved in the search for the bio-degradable toilet paper.  

While all of this is going on, I am texting my friend about what is happening.  She suggests leaves or pine cones----OUCH!  I have SUCH smartie friends!

HAPPY to report---she found it with the help of two other associates and I walked out with the entire store knowing I needed toilet paper for the woods. MY REPUTATION IS GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS HERE IN THE GREAT WEST!

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