WELL people--NO more breath-taking scenery pictures, SO I suppose that means you will have to ONCE AGAIN--endure my wonderful stick figure art!  SO SORRY---take up a collection and send me on a trip!  I promise to bring back pictures!

There are times in my life--that I seem to be a little over the edge crazy---well to most anyway.  Mary Ann commented that I was very brave and a little crazy and that made a good combination---truth is I am a LOT crazy and DETERMINED to conquer my fears.  That comes from growing up with brothers---if you EVER showed the least bit of fear--you were tormented to the ends of the earth by that very thing once they sensed your weak spot---ESPECIALLY the older brother!

I am OVER-DUE for a hair-cut/color and not going back to Ruston and my man Russell anytime soon.   SO after obsessing about it for a few days, I finally bit the bullet and called a salon where #2 gave me a gift certificate for a spa day.  I ask the receptionist when I can get in and she responds--"How soon can you get here?"   OH DEAR---color me apprehensive!

I go and out comes my "New Man"---he looks---well different---Camille tells me that I need to get with the times---I AM NOT THERE YET.  I CERTAINLY do not want my hair to look like his AND his body art is extensive--NOT JUDGMENTAL---BUT has he thought about what all that is going to look like in 30-40 years?  I mean the rising sun could well become the solar eclipse!  ANYWAY---

He nicely asks what I would like and I tell him "Do whatever you want to do."  He looks at me like I have lost the little mind I ever had.  I nicely explain that I have BAD hair---have had BAD hair since birth--in fact it is the same wispy-fine-baby hair I might have come into this world with---with the exception that it is not blond now but brunette-by choice of dye color!   My friend says we have feathers not hair--good description.   We talk it over and come up with a plan for the color--but then comes the cut.  OH WAIT--let me tell you that when he shampoos me, he massages my scalp AND puts a hot towel around my neck and hairline---OH HEAVENLY!  He has redeemed any lack of good hair and all his body art with this ONE act---I MAY BE EASY!

Anyway---I had grown my hair out to put into a ponytail ( because all the fast girls have pony tails--did not work--still slow) and for hiking.  You understand--no bathing or washing hair on the trail!  SO--I tell him---just whatever you think ---HE LOOKS AT ME LIKE I HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT!  I learned a LONG time ago--no need to be OCD about the hair---because it is NOT going to do what I want it to anyway!  Judging by his hair and the hair of many of the stylist, I could be in for QUITE the change! 
 SIDEBAR:  I could go off on  a tirade here about all the advertisements for hair products--but will refrain!  Let me just say--I DO NOT know many women that have hair so beautiful.  Why not advertise and use a REAL head of hair that MOST of us have?? 
  I am pleasantly surprised!  SO I am sporting a shorter and as Camille told me--YOUNGER cut.  EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!  I now look my age and not in my 80's!

You just have to be a little brave and a LOT crazy to try new things---that sometimes works out for the good!

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