The comment most received while talking about the hiking trip, "I am NOT going to the bathroom in the woods!"  I also noticed no man ever expressed any concern or acted like this would be the slightest issue.  SO, GIRLS, it seems we "ALL" have an "Issue" with natural functions anywhere but in the comfort of our porcelain throne room.

I must admit that I have had my "Issues" in the past about just where I was willing to relieve my needs.  You might even call me a bathroom snob.  I have literally walked in and turned around and left--just could not tolerate nastiness.  Thank GOODNESS for great control!  Well, Girls, I find the great outdoors a far sight better than some of the stinky, nasty indoor plumbing I have witnessed.  

Most of the time, as long as we were not above tree line, there was no problem.  Just find the right rock and lean back for support and use the bio-degradable TP--(Remember the post---Woman in Aisle 10 needs toilet paper?) 

Now as delicately as I can put it--when Mother Nature gives you a greater call, it can be a little more complicated.  This trip involves a spade and some digging--they call it a cat hole for obvious reasons.  First trip--no problem!  It is like a lot of other things in life--the fear of the unknown is far worse than the actual event.  

SO I am now full fledged Pioneer Woman----actually quite freeing--literally!

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