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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The little fellow, the youngest of the "Perfect" Grands, is now 8 months old.  His little personality is beginning to shine from those BIG blue eyes and sweet little face.  He seems to be taking after his mother---prone to the dramatic!    He began his turn to the dramatic by yelling.  Perhaps I might be a little guilty of encouraging it ---I would echo his yell---and he finds that a great game.  The next step was the game of "I am shy"---NOT!  He would turn his head and hide behind his mother's shoulder when I was talking to him always with a sweet smile.  The newest "face" is mouth wide open--acting like he is in great distress---wrinkling his nose up---closing his eyes and yelling.  He can turn it off and on faster than I can flip the light switch.  He is very amused at himself--and loves to put on his little dramatic act for us.

I began thinking about the masks that I wear.  I am working on taking those masks off and being the "Real Me", but it is a slow process after successfully wearing all these masks for a LONG time.  I had a friend ask me last week, why I revealed so much about myself when I write--I told them it has not always been that way--but in reality--it is much easier to just be myself by being honest and living the truth than to keep putting on the masks.

I have a mask called "I'm Fine"---It appears when someone asks how I am.  Perhaps I am everything, BUT fine---but there is this long ago lesson that you do not reveal too much about yourself-to ANYONE!

I have a mask called "I'm Happy"---Who wants a "Debbie Downer" as a friend?  This mask has a permanent smile on it---no matter what the day has held.

I have a mask called "It's Alright"--while in truth things may be so far from alright that it is not even in sight.  Who wants to hear what is wrong with your world?

I have a mask called "Righteous"-while the truth is that I am so far from righteous -except by His mercy-that I should be called "Wrongeous".

I have a mask called "Holy"-there is only one who is Holy---I am NOT Him!

I have a chest FULL of these masks---too many to list.  So I have begun the quest to leave the masks off and be the person that I am---Broken and Fallen--yet joyful-because of His mercy that cleanses me and makes be Holy in His sight. Taking off the masks can be risky in the eyes of the world-but freeing in all truth.   My attempt to hide behind my masks only fools this world----HE knows who I am and is not surprised or disappointed with the real me.   I am who I am---and yet He loves me beyond my wildest dream!

Psalm 139: 1-4 

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