Do you trust the sun will rise in the East---that the night sky will fill with stars--that Fall will come with a breath of cool air?  Trust-You cannot see it---you cannot feel it--you cannot even truly describe it---but how do we live without it?  Trust is a fundamental part of our very being.  Without it---we are looking over our shoulder---backing out of rooms--waiting with bated breath --peering from suspicious eyes --expecting the worst.

My children and grands have learned that they can trust me from years of experience.  I will love them, help them, serve them, and pray for them without even a thought. My extended family trusts me to be a presence in their lives, to never take them for granted and to cherish the sweet gift of family.   My friends know they can trust me--when push comes to shove---and we are in the nitty gritty of life---I am going to be there for them.  This trust has been built on experience- years of reliability.

I totally trust God--that He has the perfect plan for me.  That His ways are not my ways--and yet the path He has for me--will bring Him great glory.  I trust that He loves me--He is faithful to me--He has me in the palm of His hand.  Whatever tomorrow may bring-I trust Him.  All of this trust has been built upon experience.

My personal "Trust Tank" is low and I am asking God to help me fill it once again.  You can trust me, so when I discovered that trust could be broken-the discovery put a hole in my tank and it began leaking out.   I am praying He will  plug that hole and restore my trust.  I am tentatively peeking out of my shell and trying to learn the lesson of trust anew.  I cannot spend my life always looking with suspicion and fearing the worst.  Somehow--someway I pray that God shows me--how to let down my guard---open up my heart---and trust.

"Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him."
Job 13:15


  1. What a wonderful version of Amazing Grace! Who is the artist?

    1. Ronnie, It is on youtube---Mantovani Orchestra Here is the address:

      I agree--it soothes my soul.


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