Most of you know that my favorite son-in-law is a doctor.  I love that daddy of my littlest grands--EVEN though he does not give any credence to my VAST medical knowledge AND has even DARED to laugh or smirk when I was expounding upon my fountain of medical information.  To top that off, he even argues with me or ignores me entirely when I ask for a prescription after self diagnosis.  The ONLY time he has offered any meds--I was coughing my head off after HIS children gave me some dreaded disease --AND I was helping with those little darlings.  He prefaced that offer with--"It isn't going to help, BUT"   I replied,  "NO NO---I will sit here and cough and gasp for breath while taking care of your children and die in the effort---NO NEED TO GIVE ME ANY WONDER DRUGS."  SERIOUSLY---I do love him!

It has been a LONG haul to finally be called Doctor.  Eight years after high school and then you begin your residency.  He has studied LONG hours and poured over books and listened to lectures --every hour of the day.  He has studied the cadaver --every nook and cranny was examined.  He literally has followed all the rules, studied all the books and jumped through all the hoops to fill his head with the knowledge and know how to be a doctor.  My strong hunch is that he really began to learn how to be a doctor when he started treating the patients--living-breathing people-listening to them, testing them, learning all about them, and then pouring a portion of all he had learned into treating them.  That is when he REALLY started being a doctor---when that alive-breathing-conscious being was in front of him.

This reminds me of us Believers---we can read and memorize the book,  follow all the rules, serve all the needy, and even enter into fellowship and worship with our fellow believers---BUT until we stop our busyness--put down the books---enter the solitary sanctuary with ONLY HIM---we may not ever enjoy that one on one relationship that marks the beginning of not just being "A Believer" but also "A Knower".  We have to talk to Him, be still and listen for Him, look for Him, and begin to understand Who He is---a Living God--and then we are on the path of being "A Knower"---WHAT JOY!

"Be still and KNOW that I am God."

Psalm 46:10

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