Unofficial Fall has arrived!  The real Fall season does not come until later in the month, but once school begins AND football seasons kicks off---in our world here in the South --FALL is HERE!  I have been waiting all summer for this time to finally roll around--knowing how busy summer is and how many are away from their home bases during the summer--I have been anticipating things going back to normal and beginning activities to help build friendships here in Fort Worth.

I have joined a small group with the church I am attending---I was asked to be an accountability partner by one of the members----I have signed up and trained to be a tutor/mentor in an inner city school---I am going to my first women's Bible Study . I go to the Y's weight lifting class each week.  I am meeting people---LOTS OF THEM!  They all seem lovely--and most are very welcoming and interested in why I am here---frankly though a lot of it is a blur!   Hello--how are you--yes I moved here----- MANY faces and many names to go with those faces---it is difficult to keep it all straight.  I have to stop and remember how long it took me to build the sweet friendships I had in R.  I MISS those sweet friends--we knew each other so well!  There is a reason that God has me here--and I am looking---searching for it.  For now--I have to start at square one and begin to build new relationships.  How is this done--by spending time---listening--talking--communicating--being together. I must be courageous and take a step of faith by walking out the door and seeking fellowship.   It will take time and involvement to build those relationships.  With commitment, they will grow and we will draw near to each other--I have to be patient.

It is exactly like my relationship with my Father.  It has taken time to mature--time and willingness to listen, to share, to communicate.  Our relationship has grown much deeper over the past two years.  I have been actively seeking Him.   There is no other way to build that deep relationship with Him or a friend--but by committing time and energy to helping it to grow and deepen--there is just no other way!  When all else falls away--all we have is Him!  I am praying that we all dig deeper and know Him more intimately--a new season of renewed desire to know Him better.

"With my whole heart, I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments."
Psalm 119:10

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