We women come into the world loving "Happily Ever After".  It speaks to our hearts!  We all want to be saved by the knight in shining armor--for him to sweep in and save us from the evil that is trying to destroy us--and after declaring his ever lasting love for us---ride with us into the sunset --and we live happily ever after.

It can be a devastating blow when we realize that is not the way our lives are playing out.  Then we look around us and we perceive there are those that ARE living happily ever after---which begs the question---WHY NOT ME?  We see it played out over and over in novels--in movies--on television---and we begin to feel entitled to our own happy ending.

HERE IS THE TRUTH, GIRLS---we have been fed a lie by the world!  This is NOT to say that some do not live happy--contented--joy filled lives--it IS to say that we live in a Fallen World!  PERIOD!  If you allow yourself to believe this untruth--you are setting yourself up for a HUGE FALL when things do not go as planned!

I HAVE FOUND my new "Happily Ever After"---it is the story of redemption---redemption from pain, sorrow, heartbreak, death, illness, bankruptcy--YOU NAME IT---What EVER the world can throw at you--It can ALL be redeemed!  This is NOT to say---your knight is just around the corner, that your illness will be miraculously cured, that there will no longer be a loss of our loved ones, that your long lost EXTREMELY rich relative is going to leave all their worldly wealth to you--that you are going to win the power ball.  It IS TO SAY---if you FOLLOW HIM---CLING TO HIM---CLAIM HIM as your KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR---he WILL redeem it all.  BUT you need to remember, you may never see the redemption--nor know the way it has all been redeemed---BUT HE IS REDEEMING IT ALL!

I had the chair pulled out from under me---and do not have a knight in shining armor---BUT I KNOW in my heart of hearts---HE IS REDEEMING IT ALL!   I am not promised that all will be restored and even more---but I AM promised that He is in the business of redemption and will redeem it all.  I may never see or know on this earth how it has all been redeemed--BUT I TRUST HIM and believe in His Redemption Power---after all He has already done the biggest job by redeeming me from my sins---SO why wouldn't I believe that the rest will be likewise redeemed--HE IS IN THE BUSINESS OF REDEMPTION!

"O Israel, put your hope in the Lord,
for with the Lord is unfailing love
and with Him is full redemption."
Psalm 130:7

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  1. Thank you for such a beautifully stated reminder, Lora.


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