I was reading one of the blogs on my sidebar recently and she was posting about how real men love women.  I read the entire post, but then began thinking that is not where I am in this season of life and MOST women will eventually be alone--by some life event--we will be left alone.  Perhaps God is prompting me to post what I have learned about being alone, to share the joys-the trials-the victories-the defeats.  You may be already turning off what I am saying and thinking of the next thing you have to do--but there are some, perhaps many, whose interest is piqued and hearts are open.

There are silly perks in being alone like eating hummus and chips for supper, having ice cream in the middle of the night, watching predictable Hallmark movies, going to bed when the time seems right, going and coming at all hours, reading all night, and on and on.  Why I have even learned to embrace--no make up--dressing comfy--and finally coming to the realization that no one really cares what I am wearing--if I have make up on--of if I am dressed in the latest fashion.  If I am comfortable with myself, more than likely the rest of the world will be also.

As I was thinking about women alone, I went to those that are in the Bible---God has a purpose in putting these examples for us in His Word.  Mary, Martha, Ruth, widow with the mite, --there are some of the women alone in the Bible.  What is my one most important take away from most of them--they are women of God--they are Godly women--daughters of the King--followers of the way.  They are looking to Him for direction in the way to live-alone.

I am working on embracing the season I am in and figuring out how to live in the moment.  It is time to leave my grief behind--face the future--and move forward.  This is not to say there will not be steps back at times, but it is to say my motion is forward --not at a stand still--not backward looking--but toward the light.

Today's lesson was my realization that being alone is not always bad.  As I spoke of in my book, I need time alone to re-energize, process, regroup, refocus--get my act together.  I have always relished some time alone, and it is time to go back and recount why I wanted and needed this time.  The pendulum has swung to the top of the alone side of the arc, but it is up to me to figure out how to get the balance back into my life.  Balance that centers upon becoming the hands and feet of Jesus here on this earth, and learning to look through the eyes of Jesus as well. 

The pendulum swings from alone all the way to a huge community---there is need for both sides of the pendulum--I am prayerfully seeking balance in life as the swinging continues--and looking for the perfect motion from alone to community.  At this moment, I am embracing the alone.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6 
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  1. ell preach on sister, and Bravo, it is about time to shed all of that glum and doom and get on with life. Enough time spend on pity and destruction and regrets and what ifs and all the rest of the lamenting, but rather be thankful for what you have, youth and time and family and money and aloneness. Live, girl live, all of life awaits and quite frankly all of us have been waiting on you to get through this, so Bravo, Bravo. We are praying for and with you and this great break through, all of your friends and your family have been waiting for this time, so hang in there and make it happen. Bravo and Bravo, you strong sister you can do this..... God is proud of your sstrenght.....

    1. WELL--Anonymous---thanks for my life for the day! I am NOT too sure about he list of things that I you assume I have--but I am going to let that slide today and just enjoy the laugh!


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