What is that old song'

"If it weren't for bad luck--I'd have no luck at all"?

I have always heard that bad luck or troubles come in three's--as I posted earlier I was fortunate enough to become the latest victim of the Bubonic Plague---my SO SWEET daughter accused me of being dramatic--WHATEVER!

Next my computer dies---and I mean crashed to the depths of the cyberspace cemetery for the dearly departed of techno life.  I called my sweet brother--who informed me that my impatience had led to this early demise--but then gave me some advice.  SIDE NOTE--Why must brothers ALWAYS remind you of your stupidity before coming to your rescue?---JUST SAYING--  I find a reputable computer man via I phone (another blog on trying to goggle on a screen the size of my palm.  He comes out and sadly shakes his head---"It's really bad!" I will spare you the LONG details--but new hard drive---all is lost at the moment including work on 3 books---one that I had actually started writing-the other 2 outlines and brain-storming.  PERHAPS same brother might be able to recover something???  I am mailing him the hard drive in hopes that he might cause a miracle--I will even take the stupidity lecture again if he does.

SO--if the old saying is right--I have my head down--waiting for the incoming!  TWO DOWN- ONE TO GO!

THEN I took a DEEP breath---reminded myself that FAR FAR worse things have happened.  AND THEN began to look for the bright side--EVEN if all is lost---perhaps God has something even better for me to write!  I also know it is all up in my head--it's just finding the side railing where it is parked that is the problem.

I DO NOT believe in luck---I DO believe in God.  I do not believe in co-incidences---I DO believe in God-incidences.  Everything--Everything happens for a purpose and at the right and proper time.  SO I am back up and running-I may have lost some files--but perhaps they needed losing and I am back pecking away---LOOKING FOR THE JOY!  Today there is JOY in the acceptance of what life is--here in Fort Worth Texas with a new hard drive under my fingertips!  ALWAYS-ALWAYS--COUNT IT ALL AS JOY!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
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