Paul Tripp tells a wonderful story in one of his books of a birthday party held in a kindergarten class.  The mother of the birthday girl decorated the room perfectly with streamers and balloons.  On each little chair was a bag of birthday treats for the party goers and the seat of the birthday girl was surrounded by a pile of gifts.  One little boy took a look at his little bag of treats and then the pile of gifts around her chair and began to grumble.  The grumbling continued until finally a mother leaned over and whispered in his ear, "It is NOT your party!"  



It IS ALL about Him!  He is the creator God--ALL comes from Him. He is the one that we celebrate--all honor and glory are His.  ALL the gifts should be laid before Him.  Our starry crowns would never be without Him--so put them at His feet.  Pass Him the refreshments---sing the song to Him--shout loud praises to Him---dance in celebration of His wonder.  It is totally--completely--absolutely--entirely--ALL ABOUT HIM!

YET--He is the PERFECT GENTLEMEN!  He shares His bountiful creation with us--He showers us with blessings and gifts--which we do not deserve.  He refreshes us with a land of honey and sweet living water.  He is NOT clinging to all that is His--No He is sharing the wealth of His riches.  BECAUSE of His love--He freely gives--endows--supplies--us--His beloved a part of His ALL.

So leave the theme of "It's my party" behind and recognize your guest status.  An honored and well loved guest--but we are all guest at His table--It is ALL ABOUT HIM and IT IS HIS PARTY!

BECAUSE I am thankful for all His continual presence in my life,
as I drove down the road today I looked up and thanked Him
for His consistent and faithful care.  Answering prayers and leaving no doubts that He had closed a door and reminding me to be patient as He reveals the path He has planned.

"Hearing this, a man sitting at the table with Jesus exclaimed, "What a blessing it will be to attend a banquet in the Kingdom of God!"
Luke 14:15

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