Why am I in Fort Worth?  I am asked that question by all my sweet friends in R often and in all honesty I ask myself the same question at times.  Bottom line I am in FW because God instructed me to move.  Is this move permanent?-another frequently asked question.  This move is permanent until God tells me otherwise.  I am listening for His instruction. 

 At this moment, I consider FW my personal Egypt. There is a reason that God has me here---I absolutely firmly believe that.  The single most --by far--important thing I have gained since moving is that He is continuing to grow and stretch me in the knowledge of Him and His grace.  A close second is I am beginning to finally heal from the devastation of the death of my marriage.  

Grace---used 128 times in the New Testament and 81 times by Paul alone; only used 8 times in the entire Old Testament.  Grace is what it is all about.  We live in the New Testament times and this is the time of grace.  We are His chosen people to showcase His grace.  What a sacred privilege.

I am Holy and set apart by Him.  I am called for His good purpose to accomplish His good plan.  I am loved as evidenced by His Word--His love letter directly to me personally.  I am the object of His love.  BECAUSE of His love and His grace I am also forgiven.

Why then does He have me in Egypt?  His Word is a reflection of how important relationships are.  My relationship with my family and friends; my relationship with the body; but most important my relationship with Him.  Could it be that He has me here to grow that relationship with Him?  Once that relationship is in proper alignment--it will beget the proper order with all the others.  

I do not have answers--what I do have is faith and faith comes from obedience.  He told me to move to Egypt or Fort Worth and here I will stay until He tells me differently.  It is ALL about Him and not about me.  Through faith, I will be obedient and continue to seek His glory.

For all of His reasons--He gave me no opportunity to to show my thankfulness through service today.  What He did was reveal through His sacred Word a lesson which I thought no longer pertained to me -but used me while at Bible Study as I shared a bit of the wisdom He has revealed to me in the past years to those who are in the season of life this portion of His Word was written for.

"In that day there will be an alter to the Lord in the heart
of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border.  It will be
a sign and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt."
Isaiah 19:19-20

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