Grandson #4 has just turned three.
We all come into this world with our own personalities.
His is sweet and happy and filled with joy.

He treats us all the same
And is filled with great glee
When you walk in the door
As he runs to greet you

 Arms held high
and yelling out your name
Making you feel as you lift him
 nothing could be better

He can take one little car
And spend long minutes with just it
Bending over and pushing it around
As his little mouth makes the proper sound

Recently his mother was sick
I went to help with the three
For there is never time to stop and heal
When the house is filled with busy bees

Inside and outside--we flitted back and forth
Hungry-thirsty-stop and watch a show
Back to the toy room and then to their bedroom
Never ending movement from all three

As naptime approached we began the prep
Eat you lunch and rest your body
We have more fun things to do
First though it is time for a nap

#4 will not stay in the bed
He is opposed to all naps
Or any form of rest
Too busy-for stopping and resting

I lie down with him
And tuck him real close
To hold him still so he will rest
At least for an hour

It takes a long time
For his eyes to close
But finally he nods off
Sweet sleep has descended

As I stay very still so he will continue to sleep
With him tucked under my arm like a hen with her chick
I remember the story in that great book
Of the closeness we all share as we draw near
Under the wing of the one who holds us all dear.

Today BECAUSE I am thankful for the wise and knowledgeable woman
who teaches the Women's Bible Study 
at church, I took her a mum-MY PLAN
As I checked out at the grocery, there was a man behind me
with a motorized cart filled with groceries and he
obviously is unable to walk -
I unloaded his groceries for him-HIS PLAN.

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings"
Matthew 23:37

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