HELLO 2014!

A clean slate--a new year---the new chapter---

         AND WHAT am I going to do about it?

I resolve NOT to RESOLVE---but instead

          JUST DO IT!


AND you might ask--just do what?  I could go down the entire mundane list that slowly scrolled down my mind's eye while thinking and praying about this---BUT I will save you the agony of hearing about drinking more water, walking more miles, making more friends, . . .   As I mulled over the year that is starting today----I thought of my fondness for "even" things--

         2    4    6    8

I just have a fondness for even numbers ---and things that work out evenly.  I suppose it indicates fairness to me--I like---NO love fairness-----BUT life is NOT fair---a fair is the place they have rides to thrill you.

And though life seems to "Go Round"--it is NOT always MERRY!

I finally came to the conclusion that I have four categories of "Try To Do Better's".  Four areas in my life--that could definitely stand improvement--and no more spinning in place---

BODY--It is time to get going again with my cardio conditioning.  I LOVE my weight lifting class and have become much stronger and like the results I see--BUT that is clearly not enough.  The plan (NOT RESOLUTION) is to walk/run/bike/dance---anything to get the heart pumping faster four times each week for a minimum of one hour.  The end result is always better conditioning AND more happy juices flowing!

MIND--Time to write with more intention.  I have begun a new book--LOVE communicating with you all each day through this blog---have a book about Hank that Sheila and I are going to write---and MANY more ideas bubbling around upstairs.  I plan to attack this outlet differently--using concentrated blocks of time to write and read.  By organizing my time differently--and moving from bits and pieces to a dedicated period of time, I hope to see a change for the better.  With concentrated effort, I am hoping for improved results and sharpened skills.


HEART---God is giving me a heart for singles ministry.  There is a HUGE ministry field with those who, for varying reason, are now alone.  Alone does not negate the strong need for relationships.  With God's help, I plan to begin to pull some of these singles together--to fill the void of connection--to find common interests--to grow in fellowship--with God as the center.  God is impressing upon me it is time to expand my ministry territory--and this is where I will start.  The ground work has already begun and He has pulled some together already---It is time to break new ground and add to the fields of harvest.

SOUL---My heart desires to know God at an even more intimate level--this can only be accomplished by intentionally seeking Him.  Perhaps the most important aspect of growing in my quest to know Him better is to BE STILL.  I find myself challenged when it comes to stillness---He used to wake me up at 2 AM and communicate with me--I still "Hear" Him, but not consistently.  I must slow down and listen for Him--Wait for His touch--His word--with a quiet and still heart--What wonderful joy it would be to consistently hear His voice--but I must learn to recognize when He is speaking by listening better and with intention.

Another year--another step on my march to my Forever Home---I pray we all will use the gift of this time here on this terrestrial ball to give Him good glory...Walking through the days with purpose...with our eyes on the goal of having him greet us someday with "Well done, Good and Faithful Servant," by continually seeking His will and purpose in awareness of His faithful presence as we trek down the path surrounded by the glory of His good grace and abundant love.


"There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. "
Proverbs 23:18

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