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One of the things I was reminded of this weekend--my reason to sing...

Normally I do not post anymore than a song of worship on The Sabbath.  It is late Saturday and I need you to know what an awe inspiring weekend I have had surrounded by women of all ages--but mostly young women as I watched the teleconference her in FW - of the "If Conference"  which was being held in Austin.  I have volumes of notes and much truth I am mulling over and preparing to share.  God is alive--well--and STRONG--unbelievably strong.  I came away inspired--inspiration I will share and inspired with another book idea.  The current book is a LONG term --but very important project---but this idea is a shorter term project.  Praying for direction of where HE wants to use me.  So thankful for truth telling and a generation of young women who will carry the torch in a very effective way.  ALL for His Glory and His Good Purpose.

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