There are many similarities, but also MANY differences in living in a large city after a lifetime of small town life.  The city's refuse department picks up my garbage---just like in Ruston  EXCEPT--only once a week AND you have to have ALL the garbage contained within the can--WITH the lid closed.  I got a not so nice note when my lid was only partially closed recently AND they did not pick up the garbage that day.  Since I have a garage apartment and a can for it also, I took care of that problem the next week.  We also recycle here in FW--I was always sad that did not happen in R.

Just like R-there are speed limit restrictions for school zones.  There is also a $200 fine if you use your cell in a school zone AND they are watching---not only cell use--but also observing the speed limit.  The schools start at different times, so you must be observant of the flashing lights AND you are not allowed to use your cell ANYTIME in a school zone.  GOOD LAW!  I am all for protecting our sweet children.

One significant difference I have noted is the Traffic Lights.  In R it is rather simple--Red/Yellow/Green & Green Arrow for left turns.  It is NOT so simple here---with LOTS of traffic and a convergence and then divergence of traffic in all directions at many lights-the system is MUCH more complicated.  It must take an engineer to figure out this complicated system.  The thing that I really notice is not the complication of the system, but the length of the lights.  It sometimes seems I sit at a red light for 10 minutes.  I am sure my short patience span in traffic is creating an exaggeration of the facts.  I have not timed the length-just giving you my perception.  It is definitely a long light!  The lights are for a reason--it is all about my safety---I seem to forget that while stopping and waiting.

So it seems at times with my life---God has me at FULL STOP--and my patience sometimes grows thin.  I want a green light at all times--all systems go---not even a need for caution.  I forget it is all for my good and He has my best interest at heart.  He has His reasons for slowing me down and perhaps even bringing me to a halt.  Just as I trust those traffic lights are meant to keep me safe--I need to remember--He is more trustworthy than any thing else in my life.  It is all about His perfect timing and master plan.  I need to keep my eye upon the road and wait for the green light--knowing He controls the stop and go with great love and for His good purpose. There is a time and a purpose for stopping---He is the engineer and I am looking to Him to give me the green light--but for now---I am at a full stop.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!"
Psalm 27:14


  1. Red lights are tough to sit at. Especially when I am in a hurry. Thank you for this beautiful perspective. I needed it today!

  2. yep ... waiting for the glowing green, trying for way more patience and grace at yellow and red. i know for sure thatt HE knows best!


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